Coming Soon: CypressPointe Church in Ponchatoula

Small Group Meetings Start Sunday April 12 at 6:00PM

*We will be meeting at Eric’s home in Weinberger Trace Subdivision in Ponchatoula.  Please fill out the contact form below to find out all the details -or give Eric a call @ 812.239.0888.  EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Our Mission: to create an authentic Christian community where Christ-Centered purpose is discovered and cultivated

CypressPointe Might be the Church for You if:

-You live in Ponchatoula or the surrounding Hammond, Louisiana areatree

-You consider yourself a follower of Jesus, or you are interested in learning more about Jesus

-You crave authentic Christian community

-Sometimes you wish church was different… or maybe you have had a bad church experience in the past

-You adhere to the “Apostle’s Creed,” in reference to your basic beliefs regarding Christianity

-You truly believe that God loves EVERYONE

-You also believe that God calls us to “practically” love everyone whether or not we agree with their lifestyles and opinions

-You think that is it okay to agree “to disagree” on the minor things and still be friends -and maybe even plant a church together!

-You would rather focus on the issues that unite Christians, and not the issues that divide us

-You enjoy praying with other Christians and talking about God with them

-You think that God is big enough to handle our doubts and our questions

-You have doubts about God, but still feel drawn to Him

-You have almost given up on being a part of a church community  (but you still desire to be in one)

-You would rather not involve secular politics with church

-You believe that God can meet anyone where they are at, and that there is hope for everyone

-You are interested in helping plant a new church that reaches out to people like you and offers a safe place to experience authentic christian community

*If you are interested in learning more about CypressPointe Church, please fill out the contact form below: